This site features a range of art forms and prospects including drawing, mixed media, prints, public works, curatorial projects, writing and performance.

Visual Art

This category includes work in the following mediums: drawing, painting, mixed media, printmaking, installation and three-dimensional (3-D) art. Still life, figurative work, and particular series are represented.

Various mediums are united by an approach combining traditional and experimental techniques in unconventional forms of presentation. Thematically, the work is expressionistic, inspired by an interior world of thought and emotion. Writing is an integral part of the process, product, and underlying concepts. Aesthetically, the work is influenced by the textures and culture of the urban environment.

Performance Art

Performance art is a dynamic medium spanning both the visual and theatrical arts. The recent work referenced is highly influenced by theatre with a dramatic or satirical approach. Pieces typically last about five minutes. Currently, live performances take place quarterly in conjunction with performance art group Lunar Teeth. The group is based in New Bedford, MA and features new work and works-in-progress. Link provided.

Curatorial Work

Curatorial projects are aimed at emerging artists with a preference for unconventional exhibition spaces, such as pop-up galleries, installation spaces and outdoor venues. Contemporary galleries and student-run galleries are also considered. The goal is to make the work of emerging artists relevant to the larger community, not just the art community.

Art Writing

“Art Writing” is a term subject to interpretation and reinterpretation and can include writing integrated into art, or writing about art, and every other possible relationship between the two. It is an emerging interdisciplinary field continually defined by its participants.


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